Brick NYC, Dominick Rappa

Dominick Rappa
Dominick Rappa

Dominick Rappa, Chef
Brick NYC
22 Warren St.

Dish served?
Meatballs with marinara. We are serving this because it best represents who we are and how we are trying to make people feel. There is something comforting about meatballs that you associate with home and we try to be your home when you can’t be.

Beverage/dish pairing?
The great thing about meatballs is that it does not lend itself to one beverage; one of our draft beers would work as well as a big Italian red wine or, if you’re a kid, a soda works.
Who taught you to cook?
My grandmother — the best thing I learned is meatballs and lasagna. I replicate these dishes I learned from generations ago to this day at Brick. Stop by my stand on Saturday, you’ll see what I mean.

Favorite food growing up?
Meatballs and lasagna.

Splurge utensil?
Korin knife.

Common mistake?
Not bringing their own knife!

Cooking injury?
A duck fat burn. The day before I got married, my fiance told me to not go to work, but I went to work on a Saturday night. I was pulling duck confit out of the oven and the searing-hot duck fat proceeded to hit my arms and melted my skin right off my arm. I didn’t get to serve the duck, but luckily I didn’t drop it. Oh yeah, we are divorced now. On a better note, my arm has its skin back.

Last meal?
As much as I love my grandmother’s meatballs, I would want to eat Foie Gras with a glass of Dragonfly (a nickel and nickel wine, super Tuscan, probably worth dying for if I could drink it before I passed).

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