Yorganic, Gage Jung

Gage Jung, Chef
3 Hanover Square

Dish served?
We are serving our Signature Yorgasm Salad, Yorgasm Bowl and Spicy Bowl for Taste. This dishes best reflect our creativity with flavors, textures and aesthetic.

It has purple kale and organic quinoa and a homemade “Kiss Me Kimchi” Vinaigrette! Made with Korean Kimchi Juice, you will never have a salad so delicious packed with protein and fiber!

Beverage/dish pairing?
If you ordered any of these dishes, I would pair them with any of our freshly pressed juices from our organic juice bar — nothing more refreshing than having a juice made for you right on the spot, just the way you want it!

Who taught you to cook?
The first person who taught me how to cook was my grandmother, the best thing I learned from her was to cook with LOVE. You feed a family of hungry men, you better put your heart into it! The attention to detail and the desire to please with every bite, the love of food isn’t just for the ones who eat it, but it starts from those who create it!

Favorite food growing up?
My favorite food growing up was of course Korean! It’s what I grew up on, and I’m happy that we are able to share it with our customers, in a more neutral format. Who would have known that a “blissbowl” would have become more popular that its father Bibimbap! Who else would be able to create a vinaigrette from Kimchi (pickled and spiced savoy cabbage), a Korean Staple? We love that we can share our culture’s food so openly and love that it’s accepted even more!

Splurge utensil?
Any chef should always have a good set of knives! They only hurt you when you don’t use them properly.

Common mistake?
I’m not sure what the most common mistake most chefs make but I can say that I’ve had to learn to be confident in my palate, I have to taste my food with my guests in mind, putting personal preferences aside and asking myself…is this dish something I would like if I tried it for the first time?

Cooking injury?
Worst cooking injury? Ha! We’ve all learned to deal with burns and cuts, it’s just a part of finding your groove.

Last meal?
My last meal would be a homemade meal from my grandmother, whatever she wanted to make. To drink? I’m not a drinker, so probably Yorganic’s famous Green Juice — nothing will make you feel more like a champion!

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