Police Blotter: Week of June 22, 2017

Police believe this man attacked and robbed two women at the Spring Street subway station last week.


Cops are on the hunt for a robber wanted for two heinous robberies committed Downtown beginning on June 13.

The first victim, 50, told police she was inside the Spring Street Subway Station near Sixth Avenue at 10:53 am, when the suspect grabbed her from behind and held a cloth over her mouth as he brandished a knife, before nabbing $70 off her and fleeing.

The robber allegedly followed up with a second attack on June 17, when he attacked another woman at the same station in the same manner at 10 am, grabbing her from behind and threatening her with a knife, before making of with $75.


Cops are hunting the woman who beat another gal with an umbrella inside the Fulton Street Subway Station on June 16.

The victim told police she was strolling along the A train platform at the station near Nassau Street at 4:57 pm, when she became embroiled in a dispute with the other woman.

Their argument turned ugly with the brutish woman lifted her umbrella up and brought it down on the victim, beating her savagely before fleeing, cops said.


A thief stole $25,000 worth of handbags from a Green Street fashion boutique on June 16.

Video surveillance at the store showed that the perp — wearing gloves and a sweatshirt — busted through a front window of the store between Spring and Prince streets at 4:19 am, and began stuffing plastic bags with 25 $1,000 handbags.


A thief ransacked a Broadway real estate office on June 8, making off with a $500 painting of Mike Tyson, among other things.

An employee told police the suspect entered the offices between Grand and Broome streets through a second-floor window at 11:30 pm, before nabbing the pricey image of “Kid Dynamite,” along with a few thousand dollars worth of wireless internet routers and somebody’s sunglasses.


Some crook nabbed about $1,500 worth of iPhones from a Park Place phone store on June 12.

An employee told police the thief waltzed into the store between West Broadway and Church Street at 2:20 pm, and ripped the latest iPhone 7s out of their display cases before fleeing.


A thief made off with more than $1,100 worth of cough medicine from a Broadway drug store on June 14.

An employee told police that the suspect strolled into the pharmacy between Murray Street and Park Place at 7:30 am, and grabbed more than 50 boxes of Mucinex along with several vials of Visine, before fleeing.

The suspect is known to the drug store and has been arrested for stealing from there before, cops said.


Three robbers nabbed a man’s cash and iPhone on the platform of a West Broadway subway station on June 12.

The victim told police he’d fallen asleep on the 1 train platform at the station near Chambers Street at 3 am, when he awoke find the delinquent trio nabbing his bag.

The man gave chase to the thieves, and a scuffle ensued when he caught up to them, but all he got for his trouble were some ripped pants, cops said.

— Colin Mixson

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